Blackbird House - Alice Hoffman


Author: Alice Hoffman

I read this book because it was the only interesting one I had.

Blackbird house is a story that spans for about 200 hundred years, about the families living in a house in Massachusetts called Blackbird House.

Once Coral Hadley loses her sons and husband at sea, tragedy strikes all the next generation of inhabitants of that house. And a bird witnesses all those tragedies.

Each chapter in the book tells the story of the families living in that house. I loved the stories and thought they were very imaginative and delightful. Alice Hoffman is a very good storyteller.

I think this book is similar to One Hundred Years of Solitude, since it does not have a particular plot but it consists of many happenings. In contrast to One Hundred Years of Solitude, it is much shorter.

However, the end didn’t make any sense to me and I didn’t enjoy how it ended.

Blackbird House is a good, short read that will lighten you up.

My rating: 6/10

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Stephie said...

Hi Zawan,
Nice post. Interesting story.
Keep in touch,

Lauren said...

Hi Zawan! I don't know which post to write this on so I wrote it in the first one on your page! To answer your question, I am in the eight grade and I live in the US. My Social Studies teacher is awesome. He tries to incorporate learning with all of the new technology. That's how I got my blog! I also have a wikispace page and other things... He believes in not memorizing facts but learning how to work in groups and find information. This will help us in the future, I think. Well, talk to you later!

Lauren :)

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I forgot to ask you what your school is like... I wonder if it is different or the same as my school. Bye...

Lauren :)

Lauren said...

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Lauren :0

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

i envy you! i dont have the time to read books now!

pichila_07 said...

Hi Friend!
I am sorry that I have been with some exams so I haven´t been online for a while.
That story sounds interesting and I liked the name..
I will see if it is here in Argentina because I want to start reading new books and I think I will read that.
Thanks and kisses
Priscila :)

sheridan said...

Hye my names sheridan and im from Australia..
Ibnteresting Blog :) u must really like books :)what are some of your other hobbies??
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Zawan said...

Hi Sheridan,
I LOVE books and i really read a lot
I enjoy playing tennis, painting and sitting on the computer. i do a variety of activities.
i also like to write/blog!
what about you?

sorry, I've clicked on your name but it didn't take me to your profile.
can you please tell me the url of your blog so i can visit it?

nice to meet ya

Stephie said...

Hi Zawan,
Thanks a lot for the comment and decribing your Christmas.
I posted it beacuse I thought I would be a good discussion.
Thanks again for the comment,

Meghna said...

zawan, hello.....I haven't read this book and tried to find it in the leading bookstore but it isnt ter :(

BTW, I bought TO Kill A Mocking Bird- by Harper's a fabulous read.... have u tried it yet??

Zawan said...

yes I understand that because i think it was published in 2001 and it's not that popular, so you may not find it in a regular bookstore...
i haven't read To Kill a Mocking Bird, but I know it's an amazing book and I'm trying to get a copy ASAP. it's on my wishlist!
can't wait for your review