Be part of an online drama at To be Continued


BBC Switch is hosting a very interesting site where those over 16 and under 24 can direct, write, and act their own film as part of a drama called To Be Continued. There are certain outlines and characters of the drama that you can learn more about by visiting the site.

Those who want to be part of this would write their script and edit it at the Studio, which is on the site, and share the film with the community.

According to the site, the people behind To Be Continued will decide when to release each act.

Remember that you have to be the age stated to join To Be Continued. After becoming a member, gather your crew and start working on Act one.

You could do all this at the site,

This activity looks fun and will engage people in creativity.

If you're younger than 17, you shouldn't be a member, but you could still create your own drama series and post it on YouTube.

visit to be continued

visit the BBC Switch YouTube channel