Quizlet - great for studying


Today, I've discovered a highly efficient website, Quizlet, which allows you to create your own flashcards and study them or play other flashcards created by users in order to prepare for tests or quizzes.

I'm giving this site 5 stars and it deserves to be linked at my sidebar. It's also very easy to use.

There are lots of ways to study and help you to memorize things at Quizlet.

I think that teachers and students will really benefit from this site. The good thing is that you could join a group (such as your classmates) and study or edit your flashcards.

Did you know that Quizlet was created by a high-school student? read the Quizlet story

Andrew Sutherland, creator of Quizlet

I'd say that Quizlet is superb for studying vocabulary, definitions for any subject and facts of points. I've already created an account and made flashcards for the new words I've discovered and for my Geography test.

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solange a.k.a angie said...

yeah i know
it's ttly hard when we have a lot to do
i am so busy i have no time for family and friends (out of weekends and school) but yeah basically kinda like never stopping!
like celebs hahaha xD

Meghna said...

Hi zawan,
This is cool and so mch at the right time...I have a history test rnd the corner and I was sick or worrying how to study all those long chapters...

I chckd it out and wil join soon and i'm sure my test will go well....ALL THANKS TO YOU DEAR!!

Love ya....keep visiting/ keep in touch!!!

Zawan said...

I'm so happy I've discovered this site too...
it's great isn't it

solange a.k.a angie said...

yeah ttly
well that doesn't matter anyways xD
how r u?

John Weidner said...

If like quizlet, you might also like studystack.com. After entering data, you get 10 activities to study with. Plus you can download flashcards to your iPod or cell phone.

Lauren said...

Hi Zawan,

I am going to check out Quizlet... I really need it considering I have a huge SCIENCE TEST TOMORROW! :( Well, great post... I'll go check out the site right now... Bye

Lauren :)

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Nadine said...

Hi Zawan
Thanks for your comment, I am glad you like my writing and the website!
Ahh! How amazing, this site surely is surprising and has its ways of teaching you many things. I agree it is easy and fun, and I really enjoyed flicking through it like a book...
Thanks for sharing. Nice blog you have here, there is always something interesting and exciting you share. I love your writing about books and how you rate them. Very nice.


Emma Caden said...

This is neat stuff. A lot of information given in a simple manner. Nice. I also checked out another link education flashcards. It might help someone. Take care.
Emma Caden

Craig said...

Also try memorize.com. It gives you full control over the pages you create, so you can add headings and paragraphs in addition to lists of facts to memorize. Also it has a cool diagrams feature.