The Diamond Girls - Jacqueline Wilson

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A classmate lent me The Diamond Girls by Jacqueline Wilson (thanks); I’ve just finished reading it, so here’s the review.

The Diamond Girls is a heart-warming story about 4 sisters, Martine (the eldest), Judy, Rochelle, and Dixie (the youngest), who live with their mother, Sue, who is pregnant with a boy. They call themselves the Diamond Girls, but they’re not prosperous as their name suggests. All of the girls have different fathers who are not living with them. The Diamond Girls have just moved to a new home, hoping to live happily ever after, but things turn out totally different from what they’ve expected. Devastated and disappointed, Martine, Judy and Rochelle start going their own ways. Read the book to find out how Dixie tries to bring the family together and make things better when she finds out that the baby is a girl, her new friend is abused by her mother, and that Martine, the eldest sister, storms out and goes to their old home and her boyfriend Tony.

I loved reading this book because it deals with all sorts of problems that happen in people’s lives including abuse and teen pregnancy. Jacqueline Wilson sure has a talent of telling the story from a child’s point of view.

However, the only thing that annoyed me about this book was that the author made the story unnecessarily longer by adding too many details on Dixie’s imagination and the way she thinks. That made a book a bit tedious for older people to read, even though the book looks suitable for those a little bit older than tweens.

Other than that, The Diamond Girls is a very good book with an uplifting ending.

I highly recommend this book for those aged 9 to 12.