Blogger names crisis

Before launching my new blog, The School Episode, which I’ve been thinking a lot about, I started brainstorming for a blog name. My dad suggested ‘nine’, which was great since I was a ninth grader, but when I typed it in it was already taken. I visited the blog called ‘nine’ to find only two posts made up of two sentences dated 2001.

I tried a dozen names including “Grade nine” and “class nine” but they were all taken and the funny thing was every single one of them was outdated and contained no more than two posts that were ‘tests’.

Even the names “yellow ochre”, “avocado” and “lime green” were taken and not even containing any useful posts or were outdated!

The Blogger team REALLY has to go over all the blogs in their database and delete the empty, outdated ones because it is completely unfair to be denied the blog name you want while some person made a new blog of that name years ago and got bored of it and just leaves it there.

I’m very lucky that my name isn’t very common otherwise the address would’ve been already taken.

The Blogger database must have millions of junk blogs that must be deleted.