Ratatouille (2007)


Directed by: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava (co-director)

Starring: Patton Oswalt, Lou Romano, Peter Sohn, Brad Garrett, Janeane Garofalo, Ian Holm, Brian Dennehy, Peter O'Toole

my rating: 5/5

Ratatouille is a Walt Disney Pixar animation that follows a story of a rat called Remy who dreams of becoming a chef and loves to enjoy the pleasure of well-prepared food, which is tough for a rat. Remy, unlike his dad, brothers, and the rest of the colony who eat garbage, tries his best to add flavor to his food.

He finds out that his idol, chef Gusteau has recently passed away after receiving a negative review of his cookbook and his restaurant by the difficult food critic, Ego.

As the rat colony has no choice but to flee after being discovered by an old woman, Remy gets separated from the colony and accidentally finds himself at his idol’s restaurant, which is now run by Skinner, the former assistant of Gusteau.

Linguini, a young adult who is having difficulty finding a job, comes to the restaurant and is hired by Skinner as a garbage man.
He has no cooking skills at all and as he spills a pot of soup by accident, he tries to cover it up by randomly adding ingredients. Before escaping from the restaurant, Remy is determined to fix the mess. Unfortunately, Skinner spots him and orders Linguini to get rid of the rat; however he couldn’t stop the soup from being served and is stunned when a critic praises the soup.

After much hesitation, Linguini decides not to kill Remy, who has just saved his job. They become friends and make a secret team: Remy hides inside Linguini’s chef hat, directing him in the kitchen like a puppet by pulling his hairs.

Adventure and drama take place as Remy reunites with his family, Linguini tries to conceal his secret and the ambitious Skinner hides Gusteau’s will after finding out that Linguini is Gusteau’s son.

The graphics are amazing, the story is creative and convincing and so are the characters and dialogue. The music is superb too.

This is a film that is packed with laughter and adventure, and I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it… the best animation I’ve ever seen yet!

Ratatouille has won an Oscar and several awards.

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