Four BBC sites for young people

Here are 4 BBC sites I've discovered that you may like:

  1. Blast


    Blast is a BBC site for young people interested in art and design, dance, film, music, writing, games or fashion.

    Each category has a sub-site where you can discuss topics related to your interests, read about events, see submissions by other young people and submit your own, get advice from experts, download tools and lots more.

    It's a great place to explore and be inspired by other young people.

  2. Bloom
    Bloom, an interactive flash site, shows you how to "make smarter decisions about the things you can do to become more climate-friendly" by helping you find suitable actions depending on your lifestyle that make a difference in the environment.
    Each time you make an action, click on its seed and it'll bloom into a flower. The more environment-friendly actions you make, the more flowers will bloom in your garden. It's a great way to track your progress.
    Also, read facts, opinions and debates to see how much of a difference you're really making.
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  3. GCSE Bitesize

    If you're preparing for the IGCSE exam, then this is a highly recommended site for you. It has summaries and useful skills on all of the subjects of the exam including Spanish, physical education and ICT. Download free audio related to your subject and play games. It's easy to become a member and discuss subjects and experiences with other people. 
  4. Slink

    Slink is an online magazine for young teen girls where you'll find advice on everyday life, information, entertainment, health, games, fashion and beauty tips, and lots of other stuff.
    It's a fun and informative site to check out.