ِAnimal Farm – George Orwell


book: Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Number of pages: 141


1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy

2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend

3. No animal shall wear clothes

4. No animal shall sleep in a bed

5. No animal shall drink alcohol

6. No animal shall kill any other animal

7. All animals are equal

Because of being mistreated and underfed by human the human race, the animals of Manor Farm decide to create a just, progressive world for themselves. They start a rebellion and take over the farm (chasing away all the humans), calling it Animal Farm.

The pigs, the smartest animals of them all, lead the rebellion. The two main leaders are Napoleon and Snowball, who are always in disagreement with each other.

Later, Snowball disappears and Napoleon remains the leader of Animal Farm.

Above are the seven commandments agreed upon, but when the pigs start to fiendishly punish and kill animals, editing the Seven Commandments each time to make excuses for ruthlessly breaking the rules and acting like humans, the other animals start to contemplate on whether life was better off before their revolution.

The style of the book was simple and straightforward, so it was easy to read.

Memorable characters in the story included Boxer, the diligent, determined horse whose slogan is “I will work harder”; and Benjamin the pessimistic donkey whose opinion is firm throughout the story until the end: that life is unfair.

After reading it for the third time, Animal Farm still continues to be my favorite book.

Most of the parts in it were ironically funny, and Orwell didn’t put exclamation marks or present the novel in a way that that made you feel he forcefully wanted you to laugh.

Animal Farm is called a ‘fairy story’, but like Orwell’s other novel, 1984, it is an anti-totalitarianism novel; yet Animal Farm can be enjoyed as a classic novel.

You will love this book, so pick it up.

My rating: 10/10

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Julia said...

After reading the review,I begin to like this book.Thank you for sharing it with us. Your new friend, Julia

BlondeBaker said...

I read that book too! I read to read it for 9th grade honors english. it was a very.. interesting story. anyway, we're like the same age so can you check out my blog? http://adventuresofablondebaker.blogspot.com/ No one is reading it.. /: