A book site for teen readers

TeenReads is a wonderful site for books for teens.

It's focused on the newest and latest Young Adult books with reviews and author interviews.

There are lots of contests and giveaways on TeenReads.

What I like the most is their 'Ultimate Reading List', which includes over 300 titles of a good combination of classics, nonfiction, young adult books and modern fiction, which you can read from during the summer holidays. The list is regularly updated with the latest, best titles.

Also, at TeenReads you can know which books have been made into movies and keep up with the latest.



Lauren said...

Sounds like a great site... Anyways, I was wondering how long you have been blogging for. I just started and it seems like you have been blogging for a long time. Also, how did you get introduced to blogging? Just a few quick questions... Keep in touch!

Lauren :)

Meghna said...

Hi zawan...>OMG!!! Thanks a ton dear....I've been finding something like this for ages >>>>>>>>>>Love ya...tahnks again...I'm off to the place ;)

Zawan said...

you're welcome!

pichila_07 said...

Hi Zawan!
Cool website!!!
It would be great if one day you come to Argentina :).
I want to visit Sudan one day...I know that the football worlcup will be near there , won´t it?

Stephie said...

Hi Zawan,
I visited the website. Great site with the latest on books!

Lauren said...

Hi Zawan...

To answer a question of yours, yes, most kids in 8th grade in the US are 13. I am 13. Some people are 14, but they just turned 14. Then of course there are some exceptions...

Just wondering what do you do in your free time (when you're not blogging of course!)?
Keep in touch!

Lauren :)