CNN Business Traveller: reading

This month's edition of CNN Business Traveller (hosted by Richard Quest) is about reading and books: the things I'm most interested in!

I watched it twice on TV, and it was very good. Anybody who is a traveller or an avid reader (or both) should watch this edition.

It will introduce you to some historical bookshops such as Shakespeare & Company (in London).

It compared the new books of the future: Sony's e-Reader and Amazon's Kindle. And 3 city guides were laid side-by-side to see which one showed you the most exceptional of places.

Did you know what "readers in residence" and "writers in residence" mean?

You can watch the 30-minute show below.

Visit the CNN Business Traveller site to learn more and know when the show airs.




pichila_07 said...

Hi Zawan!
I didn´t know about it.
The videos are great!
I have entered to that web page before but I didn´t know about it.
Thanks for the info!!!